Our Tanning Salon is located on the upper level inside The Finishing Touch. Monthly, single session, and By-The-Minute packages are available.

Single Session: $6.00

Monthly Package: $34.95

100 Minute Package: $36.00

200 Minute Package: $59.00

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are a dry heat. They heat your core, which gives a boost to your metabolism. Benefits include detoxification, immune system enhancement, stress relief, weight control, cardiovascular conditioning, pain relief and control, and skin cleansing and rejuvenation. Appointments are necessary unless you are also purchasing the “warm-up” session, which will help to acclimate your core to the desired temperature. It takes about 20-25 minutes for the sauna to reach the desired temperature.

15 minutes $ 7.00
20 minutes $ 9.00
30 minutes $ 13.50
40 minutes $ 18.00
add the warm up session for $5.00

10 session packages:
10 – 15 minute sessions $ 65.00
10 – 20 minute sessions $ 82.50
10 – 30 minute sessions $ 125.00
10 – 40 minute sessions $ 170.00

We recommend that you bring with you:

  • A beach towel or a couple of bath towels to relax on and absorb perspiration. If you prefer, towels are available for $1.00 per use.
  • A water bottle, because it is important to stay hydrated during your session, which also aids in detoxification. Water is available for $1.00 per bottle.
  • A book or magazine to relax and read.
  • Our saunas are equipped with a radio and an input for iPods and CDs.